How To Set Up Spot UV Files For Print

How to Make Spot UV Business Cards

Setting up artwork files for spot uv printing is easier than you might thing. First you'll need to know if you're going to have Spot UV on both sides of your card, or just one. Legit Print doesn't charge extra to Spot Varnish both sides of a business card, so why not do both sides?

  1. For each side of your card you will need 2 files. One is a print file, the other is a spot UV file.
  2. The print file should only show whats going to be printed in ink.
  3. The spot UV file should only show what is going to have a clear spot gloss coating.
  4. The spot UV file should be 100% black. Set your CMYK values to 0C 0M 0Y 100K.

The spot UV file is layered over the print file. Remember - Spot Varnish is a clear coating. So whatever is under the spot varnish will show through.

Blind Spot UV & Regular Spot UV

Blind spot uv is when your spot uv file doesn't exactly depend on anything in your print file. In the example we're using, the text is going to be spot uv on top of the printed background. There is nothing in the print file that the spot uv depends on or is supposed to align to. In this case, it's just a background effect. This is called blind spot uv.

Regular spot uv is probably the most commonly used - it's when your spot uv file depends on something that's on the printed file. For example, when spot varnishing a logo, the logo is printed, and the clear spot gloss coating is applied on top of it. This allows the printed logo to show through the clear spot uv, which highlights the logo and makes it stand out.

This is how to print spot uv. Now you're ready to order some Spot UV Business Cards from Legit Print!