Can I Print Samples

Printing Samples or Pre-Press Proofs

We totally get the thought process behind printing proofs or samples before printing an entire run. It's a practice that allows you to visualize an expected print outcome, but it's not always valid.

At Legit Print, we do not offer prepress proofs or sample prints on our standard print products. The reason we do not offer printed proofs has to do with our printing process. We use an offset CMYK printing process which requires minimum runs of 200 QTY and up. We use an offset printing method because it allows us to offer an overall higher quality print at an affordable price. LEARN MORE OFFSET VS. DIGITAL LINK HERE.

There are some online printing companies that offer printed proofs, but here's why that's not always an accurate depiction of the final print job. Proofs are usually done on a digital press, because it is just not economical for printing companies to print one-offs on a large offset run. So although a printing company provides a sample print, chances are the larger print job won't match the sample print. This is because two different printing methods were used: (1) A digital printing press for the sample and (2) an offset printing press for the whole print job. Lots of online printing companies offer Epson Proofs. Epson is a brand of printer - usually inkjet or digital - and they even say the proof is only a visual depiction of how the print job will look like. This means the Epson proof will show you how the job will be cut, and provides an chance for you to go over your layout and make sure text is spelled correctly. It does not allow you to see how any special printing effects like spot uv, foil stamping, embossing, etc will look like, nor does it guarantee color or alignment accuracy.

For print jobs that are large volume or specialty print jobs, we may be able to make an exception if the cost makes sense. We understand some brands need to ensure print color precision, and if we can, we'll help you out. Most of our business cards are printed using an offset process.