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Who We Are

Simply put - we’re an online printing company. So what makes us unique?

We’re not just a company trying to earn your business, we’re your peers - cut from the same cloth of entrepreneurship with a passion for design.

Our company was started in 2010 by brothers, Justin & Kevin Kwok, while both were still attending school. As we built the company, we realized that sometimes people didn't take us very seriously because we were young. But when clients saw our dedication to high-quality design and branding, that changed. This taught us that excellent design and branding is one way to establish credibility, so we adopted it as our core mission.

Legit Print is headquartered in Pasadena, CA with 2 additional offices in the Greater Los Angeles area and print facilities located throughout the United States to serve our customers nationwide.

Print Is Nothing Without Design

Although we offer unparalleled luxury print options, our products are not perfect unless they’re paired with excellent design. We are deeply rooted in our design community, especially since we started in Los Angeles, California - a city rich with culture, arts, and design.

We understand the designer perspective, the creative process, and the expected outcomes.

Our Place in Start-Up Culture

Like many other businesses, Legit Print was born in a recession. We fully understand the startup culture and its challenges. It’s difficult to be taken seriously with the creativity and disruptive models in business today. We love bold companies and we stand alongside you.

The Legit Print Team