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Yes, we're a printing company, but we put design first. If you need help with developing your brand identity, get in touch with us.

Graphic Design

Like most DIY things; they don’t always turn out how you expect them to. Which is why you should leave something like design to the professionals. Legit has designers available of all skill levels to help you create a piece that’s tastefully designed.

If the design is for print, we’ll prepare the print-ready files for you for free!

Logo Design

Logos are just as important as your company’s business plan, marketing strategy, and whatever it is that makes you unique. A logo is the face of your company. Let’s put it this way - say you’re getting a portrait painted. Would you trust yourself to paint your own face? Case in point. Let us work with you to create the best looking face (logo) you’ve ever seen.

If you’re a graphic designer and would like to work with us, shoot us an email and say “hi” (also introduce yourself - don’t literally just say hi. That’s weird).


Design and aesthetics are our top priority, but being legit also means making sure everything is legally legit. We’ve partnered with one of the best Intellectual Property Law Firms around to provide trademarking services to our clients. Our trademark partners handle the entire process from clearance, strategy, preparation, prosecution and docketing to ensure your brand is legally protected.