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Suede Business Cards

What is Velvet Lamination?

Velvet Suede business cards are a close cousin of our silk business cards and are sometimes just called velvet laminated business cards, suede business cards, or velvet touch business cards.
If you're looking for a premium business card that is unique, velvet textured business cards are definitely the new thing right now and will become increasingly popular type of business card finish in the upcoming years.

Velvet Laminated Vs. Silk Laminated Business Cards

Velvet feel business cards are similar to silk business cards in that they are both high end business card finishes. Silk business cards provide a smooth matte lamination that feels waxy while velvet finish business cards don't use a lamination at all. Velvet soft touch business cards use a water based coating that results in a plush, luxurious, velvet or suede-like texture.
Velvet business cards have been described in many different ways. Some say they feel like velvet, suede, rubber, or even a high grade leather. Consumer electronics companies have used this finish on products like cell phones, smart watches, and device cases. This soft touch finish offers a high end business card that's luxe and perfect for premium brands.
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16pt Suede Business Cards

Print suede finish business cards with us and we'll make them legit. We have a lot of options for our hard suede business cards that will help you make an impression. Legit Print offers 16pt Suede Business Cards standard for our customers. Want black suede business cards? Our thick 22pt Blackout Suede Business Cards come with our soft suede finish on a luxe 22pt thick black stock. We even have 32pt white Suede Business Cards and 48pt Suede Business Cards with foil. Whether you need standard thickness or Legit Thick Suede feel Business Cards, we've got you covered!
Once your mind is made up on how thick you want your new suede touch business cards, you can start thinking about things you can add on to make your business card unique. We have options like spot uv, suede business cards with raised spot uv, velvet business cards with foil, and edge painting. There are tons of possibilities to make the suede business cards you've been looking for.
If you need helping making velvet laminated business cards, get in touch with us and we'll guide you along the way.
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