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What is A Spot UV Business Card?

Spot Varnish business cards are sometimes called spot uv business cards, spot gloss business cards, raised spot uv business cards, or uv spot business cards. Spot Varnish, by definition, refers to a glossy coating that is only applied to a selected area of your business card design.
Spot gloss business cards are luxury business cards that are usually printed on a matte finish or silk satin business card.
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How to Use Spot Varnish in Your Business Card Design

Think of spot varnish as the cherry on top. Spot gloss is a little something extra to give your business card a creative twist. Usually spot uv is used to highlight logos or accent other objects, like photos, in spot uv business cards. Make sure you don’t get too carried away and spot varnish all the text in your design. Spot uv is best used minimalistically or abstractly.
A creative way to use this printing technique is to make a unique spot uv pattern in your business card design (see below for spot uv business card examples).
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UV Business Cards VS. Spot UV Business Cards

The technical difference isn’t huge, but choosing the wrong one could mean results that you did not expect. The entire surface of UV business cards is glossy, right? If you understand this, then the definition of Spot UV Business Cards is pretty straight forward. The UV, or gloss, is only in a specific spot of a bsiness card (SPOT… UV). Simple, eh?
At Legit Print we’re best known for our Silk Business Cards with Spot UV. We apply the spot gloss coating onto our premium Silk Laminated Business Cards. Try our high raised spot uv business cards for a more tactile feeling. The smooth silk laminated business cards with raised spot uv creates contrast in texture and in appearance between flat matte silk lamination and the raised spot gloss areas.
Make the best Spot UV Business Cards from Legit Print with quantities starting as low as 200 business cards. If you’re curious about how these high end business cards look and feel, order a Legit Print sample kit that includes silk business cards with spot UV, silk business cards, glossy business cards, and uncoated business cards. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more information.
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